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Appleton, Greene, Carla.

Holiday in a trailer. Clark, Electa. Tony for keeps; a story of a house on wheels. Winston, The Feather family car pulls a trailer around the western half of the US as father swaps labor and objects for needed cash. Orphan Tina accidentally joins them, is disguised as a boy so there will be no accusations of kidnapping before they can get her back and adopt her. Florence Musgrave, Trailer Tribe. This might be the book. The cover shows a family and their airstream trailer.

Seuss , pre This book sounds a lot like Dr. Seuss's book of ABC's. Although it is common to have a Yak represent Y such a difficult letter! Rey, Curious George Learns the Alphabet. In this book the Man with the Yellow Hat drew alphabet animals so George could learn the alphabet.

The little-h horse rings a bell for me. Rey, Curious George Learns the Alphabet , I have to second the motion for Curious George Learns the Alphabet. I have the book here on my lap, and the illustrations are exactly as the stumper requester remembers.

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Here is the text for each page: "The small h is a horse. He is happy because he has heaps of hay.

George had his own horsea hobby horse. Yaks live in Tibet.

A Smudge of Gray: A Novel by Jonathan Sturak -

If you haven't seen any yaks yet you may find one at the zoo. The only word on each page was the spelled-out name of the animal, as I recall. I remember just the large drawings of animals, one on each page. This may have been a book from the fifties or very early sixties. Sounds like Schmiderer's Alphabeast Book -- letters morph in a sequence of four drawings into animals. My copy shows h becomes a horse, and y, a yak. The only colors used in the book are red, white, and blue, if that helps.

James Vance Marshall, Walkabout , Sure, it's not Africa, but the Austrailian outback could be remembered as sub-saharan Africa. Two white teens lost in the outback survive by relying on a young black aborigne who is on a manhood quest, I believe.

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Very popular at the time. Kaffir Boy. This is the exact title of a book I started and never finished; it has quite a lot of description in it but is not a children's book. Makes reference to eating insects and hatchling birds. Sorry I don't know the author; I'm going to guess I read it 10 years ago.

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Maybe this is the book you are looking for. Stephen R. Lawhead, Dream Thief , It's about a sleep scientist who goes to live on a space colony. He also ends up on Mars and in India before the story is over. It definitely fits the bill of a love story and a christian story. This was by far my least favorite books by Lawhead the author of some of my favorite books of all time, like Patrick, Son of Ireland , but it was ok.

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Thanks for the idea, however, I know this is not it. It was definitely not a Science Fiction. More of a romance. Thanks anyway! Orson Scott Card author , Ender's Game. I know that Ender's Game isn't the right book, but man, it sure is eerily similar. Samuel Delany, The Fall of the Towers , , reprint. I don't remember the helmet, but the part about the government starting a war for the reason you mention Through the Gate of My Bookhouse , c.

Might even be called My Bookhouse Through the Gate but, pretty sure this is the book you want. I had this age-appropriate set of books in the s. My set started with a light green cover for the Nursery Rhymes and advanced through shades of green and then blue for older readers. I remember Tipity Witchit! I think he dipped his tail in whitewash. Later it must have rained because his tail was revealed to be solid black again.

Stolen Child

His story was probably in Volume 2 or 3. I remember the Bookhouse books, my mother had a set of them. I do recall the Teeny-tiny women, I think she stole a scarecrow lady's clothes. With Tippety-Witchet, I remember that Tippety's white tip was to protect him from being stolen away by the witches. One old witch in particular kept trying to pour a shadow on his tail so she could catch him, after she turned his mother into a porceline sculpture!

It was a good spooky story full of ghosts and devils and dancing.

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I was born in , and I have fond memories of an illustrated book about one of these "aliens. He was usually very strong and quite mischievous, but the water had to be replenished periodically or he would become weak and ill. In the tale I remember best, the kappa befriended a little human boy and decided to live with him. He wanted to keep his identity a secret, so he engaged the boy in a playful water-throwing battle and managed to replenish his supply without admitting he wasn't human. I remember more than one story about this kappa, but I cant remember the name of the book or the author, and I dont know if these were multiple tales in a single book, or a series of picture books by the same author.

I can't even tell you if the author is of Japanese descent many libraries have culled "inauthentic" folktales from their collections. I've found three possible children's books from the correct time period for you.

Spot and Smudge - Book One

The first is 'Kappa' and other stories by Shigeru Tomiyama , 54 pages. The third is Clinton and the Kappa by Edgar C. Grove-Merritt author and Yasuo Kazama illustrator , 38 pages. I haven't seen any of these and don't know whether the illustrations match your description. When searching for stories, please note that some adult tales feature frightening or monstrous kappa, quite unlike the odd and endearing creature I remember.