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Deck the Halls Hark! Piano Series Select -. Item No. The fine composers and arrangers for this series have created engaging arrangements of timeless Christmas treasures, carefully leveled for the beginning adult piano student. These arrangements are sure to provide a festive and memorable Christmas season. Volume 1 for the beginning adult piano student is devoted to ageless classical music.

A Christmas Fantasy

The fine composers and arrangers have created engaging solos and duets of classical themes from symphonies, operas, chamber music, choral music, advanced piano concertos, and piano duets. Duet Treasures, Volume 1 contains wonderful duet repertoire for the beginning adult piano student. This volume is a fantastic collection of beginning level duets that are artistically strong, carefully leveled, and pedagogically sound. Perfect for any beginning adult piano student! This series is devoted to ageless jazz, blues and ragtime pieces.

Ten of the twelve solos include an optional duet. Un viento caliente by Edwin McLean is sure to be a favorite with a big sound, yet easy patterns to read and to play. Adults and older beginners will really enjoy this book. The assortment of musical styles provides the perfect means for piano students to discover and enjoy playing music from a variety of styles. She truly captures the essence of these creatures. Fun music to play. A fun piece woven from many tunes with subject of birds.

Some are labeled in the parts but others have to be carefully tracked and hunted down. Bruce calls for other means of producing bird calls. Andrew's School in Bedford, Eng. The composer combines two of his joys - Gregorian chant and youthful music making.

The antiphon unfolds in a relaxed free flowing rhythm. The purely instrumental pieces are energetic and melodic with pleasing 20th century harmonies. All parts are equally interesting.

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This unorthodox version of this classic Christmas tune throws an entirely new light on it! It's wild and fun, especially for the tenor and bass players. Lyrics included. Composed in as a setting for a mystical poet's poem inspired by John The beauty is transcendent. The tune repeated, becomes a meditation. The nature of this tune is ceremonial, processional brimming with pomp and circumstance.

Arranged in a Baroque style with optional trills. This arrangements has all parts quaffing heady Yuletide rhythms and spirits. Includes lyrics and four playing scores. Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler. Arranged for recorder by Richard Geisler. Set from a choral arrangement by David Willcocks with permission from Oxford Univ.

Yet another wonderful discovery awaits you. You will compare its reverence to Away In A Manger. Here's a funny musical comedy experience with optional hatchet, saw and dramatic vocals.

Romantic Reflections

This is likely another that will be new to many but one that you will continue to play. Five playing scores, includes lyrics. Arranged by Richard Geisler, score and parts, includes lyrics. You'll love its spirit and 3 against 2 rhythms. His music give reverent expression to the prayer of Baha'u'llah, the religion's spiritual leader. Cornish carols are lustily sung and played -'Come let us all with one accord'. Four playing scores with lyrics. It will make a child of you. An evocative arrangement of an old English street cry.

Geisler's recorder setting is based the melody adapted by Sidney Carter and vocal arrangment by David Willcocks. The melody passes through the ensemble. Includes four playing scores and lyrics. They sang their Christmas carols in the lusty way they ate and drank! Arranged by r. This is most reverent and beautiful music, which dwells upon the mysteries of Christ's birth. Alexander and music by H. Gauntlet Five playing scores with 7 verses if lyrics. Recorder quartet SATB with optional percussion, score and parts.

Five playing scores with five verses of lyrics.

Set for recorders after a vocal arrangement by Gustave Holst. Each of the five verses express a different mood and alternates with the loveliest of refrains. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, four playing scores with lyrics. Set By Geisler for recorders from a charming and catchy choral arrangement by Wendy William. Quartet SATB,score with lyrics and 4 recorder parts. This is a fun and exciting version of the well known Afro-American carol combined with a Christmas folk song from Liberia.

Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score and parts, percussion ad. This American children's tune is treated in an appropriately flippant barbershop-like style with 'jing-a-ling' interludes. A Delight! Score with lyrics and separate recorder parts.

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This arrangement for recorders by R. Geisler builds from duet, to trio where the melody is played in octaves by tenor and bass and finally matures in a SATB harmonization that will fetch you back to play it again and again. English words added circa by William Morris.

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Set by R. Geisler for recorders after a vocal arrangement by Gustav Holst. Along with Victoria this is the other great Spanish Christmas work, requiring sensitivity, breath control and feeling for Spiritual reality. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score with lyrics and parts. Billings From the book Suffok Harmony, You've probably played some version of this simple tune if not be sure to add it to your Christmas repertoire.