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Not terribly wrong with parents, and I want to make that very clear. Could you give me an example of the psychological versus the biblical approach to the same problem? Take toilet-training. The psychobabble prevalent today would have it that if you attempt to toilet-train a child below the age of two, that this is going to be premature and is going to cause the child psychological problems.

So parents today are waiting for the child to demonstrate that he is ready to be toilet-trained. The average age of toilet-training has increased from about 22 months to almost age three today.

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And parents are having tremendous problems trying to toilet train three-year-old children. Can we go sit on the potty now? This is not making your expectations clear. This season begins at birth and lasts for about two years. You serve a child who cannot serve himself. You put the child at the center of your attention, and you orbit around the child. The old-fashioned parent understood that while this was necessary, it had to come to an end, or else you were in danger of raising a child who would believe that the world revolved around him.

By age three, the parent and the child enter season two, the season of disciplining of the child through leadership. This lasts until the child is And that is for the purpose of helping the child develop the skills to successfully emancipate between 18 and The cultural messages to parents today freeze the development of the parent at season one, the servant phase.

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In many ways it freezes the psychological, emotional development of the child at toddler hood. And so, you see [older kids] still exhibiting toddler behaviors. Tantrums, defiance, high level of distractibility.


All of the symptoms that we associate with attention deficit disorder ADD are, in fact, behaviors that are typical of toddlers. Probably the most unfortunate aspect of what I call post-modern psychological parenting is the effect on the parents. Because the child remains at the center of attention in the family, the parents end up having more active relationships with the child than they have with each other.

In Genesis where it says that the man and the woman will become one flesh. There is nothing more comforting to a child than to know that his parents are in an active relationship with one another. What people need to realize is that mother and father are temporary roles in your life.

Husband and wife are supposed to be permanent. What happened? For the first nine years of our parenthood, my wife Willie and I embraced psychological parenting. This was an eye-opener for us, and we went back home and started talking. And it was that that really opened my eyes and began to turn me around. At the time, I had no idea that this was in keeping with a biblical model.

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We just were intent upon recreating the families that we had grown up in. Within three months, his third-grade teacher was saying she had seen what was an educational miracle, that he was now reading at grade level. And we provided him no tutoring, we stopped helping him with his homework completely. He was just highly motivated. We stepped back, put the proverbial ball in his court, and lo and behold, he picked it up and he ran with it. The teacher was saying in three months that he was the most well-behaved child in the class.

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Biblical Love Psychology By FUNOM MAKAMA

Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. But what happens when that "want" for love turns into something else? What happens when it gets to be more of the psychotic need then a thing that can actually be good to get a person? Of course, the dependence on "real love" is a thing that is desired and in part is definitely an attribute of so many couples breaking up and divorcing from their marriages. They believe it is perfectly acceptable to initiate dates with men, chase them, confess their feelings, and move things forward.

The way we use and display our body language[3] in conversations can reveal a lot about our feelings, intentions and personality type. When a body's desperate for love, they will probably be driven into solitude for countless reasons, including not feeling sufficient as a person or perhaps a lover. A good sense of humor and your skill to make decision in times of plights and predicament will tell how mature you are. Recommended Additional Reading:. Whenever you are with her, continually be positive in your thinking and action.

If they offer you more professional details about themselves as a method of conversation then this may mean they usually are not as interested in you and also that they want to conserve a sense of distance.

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Preserve the meaning of love and use it towards those who deserve it. Men are beloved and a lot enthusiastic when they assume the role of pursuers. If you notice this signal but your date is being shy as well, they may have feelings for you but they are unsure how you can act.

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  • Always pay focus on how she is moving under you and also answering your lovemaking. Physical Contact. Women men love use sexual play time as a method to build the link that they are looking for. When handling her breasts cup the whole breast in the outside and apply genital pressure up and in. One thing you can do is carry on a couple of very casual dates with some of her friends, making her want you back. Asides Agape, is there a next form of Love which is the greater than the rest?

    Is there a form of hierarchy in exhibiting Love?. Emotional abuse is unquestionably part of obsessive love. Emotional abuse is unquestionably section of obsessive love. If you're happy and excited to see her or receive her calls she will see herself emotionally lifted and is likely to be ready to spent her precious time together with you always.